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We’re thrilled that you’re interested in receiving our confidential and proven (6) Inbound Receptionist Scripts that will skyrocket your new patient count.

These are a very quick read that includes what the current problems and challenges are with different scenarios, and the solutions with the psychology built in that will assist your receptionist in their inbound call handling.

You spend thousands of dollars trying to get prospective patients to call and patron your office, now is the critical time to convert those calls into patients.

It all starts with your receptionists and how they answer the calls coming in. Below are links to six of the most encountered calls coming in and how to handle them.

The scripts will need to be modified with your expertise, but the foundation and 90% of the structure is sound and proven.

Here are the links to each Inbound Call Script (They are all on a Google Doc):

Dental Inbound Call Script #1

Dental Inbound Call Script #2

Dental Inbound Call Script #3

Orthodontic Inbound Call Script #1

Orthodontic Inbound Call Script #2

Orthodontic Inbound Call Script #3

Might I suggest that you download all six reports and most practices whether they focus on just dental, or just on Ortho can glean powerful information from all six.

We’ve done all the hard work in creating this report for you – so that you can get the boost your business needs. This report will give you the strategy that will hand you a competitive edge over everyone else.
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